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UAV and International Dronists Club related news

EAST AURORA, NY, Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) announced today that its Aircraft Controls segment has agreed to an OTP (Other Transaction for Prototype) agreement with AFWERX, the United States Air Force technology incubator, in alignment with the Agility Prime program. The agreement focuses on Moog’s SureFly® S250 vehicle. Moog’s SureFly S250 vehicle is a […]

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Version 2 has arrived. As many may already know, the global chip shortage has made it difficult to continue producing the first version of the EVO II, Smart Controller, and Live Deck. As a result, the second version of these platforms has been produced. With v2 aircraft now available for purchase, pilots old and new may […]

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Robotican has successfully delivered its first indoor UAS to the USSOCOM for operational evaluation. The Gallo is an unmanned reconnaissance system that enables rapid, live situational awareness and forward observation in confined spaces, such as subterranean environments or inside buildings. The Gallo is the first hybrid unmanned platform that has both land robot and aerial drone capabilities. Combining […]

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